CTV’s “Your Morning” opening sequence

Over the summer 2016, Bell Media contacted me to see if I would be interested in selling some of my stock drone footage, they had seen online, the footage in question was a sequence I had put together over a year ago, Humber Bay Arch Bridge.

From the sequence there was an 11 second clip that they were interested in. Out of my whole video there are a couple of shots that I really liked, and this was one of those shots. Bell Media ended up using the shot as the final sequence in a montage of bright early morning visual sequences, that built up the logo for the show ‘Your Morning”.
As tv shows like this go a number of stings (short alternate versions) of the opening where produced.


Bell Media also ended up using a still from my bridge sequence as the main monitor back wall graphic.


As an extra bit of street cred, the same still shot was also used for the shows Promotional still graphic.


Author: Frank

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