“I LOVED YOU” – Music Video

It’s been a while since I produced a music video, back when I lived in the UK. I’ve been wanting to do another  for a while now. Over the summer I got the chance when I was introduced to the singer, songwriter Prescilla Una. Prescilla was looking for a music video for the song “I Loved You” from her debut album “Music Therapy”.


After a couple of creative meetings we had a storyline planned out, locations scouted and actors booked. The filming was done on one of the hottest days that a Toronto summer could throw at us, the main location was a beach just east of downtown Toronto (Cherry beach), the beach is reasonably quite, and for a early morning shoot worked out well.


I can’t imagine shooting any video these days without using a drone to get dynamic cinematic multi axes sweeping shots at close quarters. The shots you can pull off in such a small time frame, just makes production value sense. It’s very rare that I would use a drone at high altitudes, although some needs might require a birds eye view, mostly I use them at close to ground level to get smooth dolly, jib and point of interest orbital sequences.


For real close quarters filming I use a hand gimbal “Ronin-m”, although light, you would be pushed to keep a shot going for a full 4 min lip sync sequence. On this shoot I also had a new compounded problem to deal with with, “sand”. Although a gimbal does a very good job of smoothing out those tiny camera shakes, the vertical movement still requires you to manually compensate, to keep that smooth movement going while walking, and in my case backwards. Sand under foot would not be my first choice.


4K filming, although not a requirement on this shoot, filming on a tight budget with limited shooting time, post production options, gives me more creative editing freedom. The alibity to crop in and recompose, out ways the extra processing time needed to work with 4K footage.


Lumix GH4 – with Voigtländer 25mm Nokton Lens
Aerial Camera – Inspire Pro – X5 MFT Camera with 12mm Olympus Lens
Micro Dolly


what goes on behind the scenes

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Author: Frank

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