Now This Is A Flying Camera Setup – (AKA Drone)


I’ve been using Drones for video capture for over a year now. Having found them to be invaluable for capturing shots that are not possible by any other method. Although cool and fun to fly at 400ft filming straight down. I rarely find the need for those types of shots in my productions. For me its a tool that I use to tell the story. Flying at near ground level, lets me quickly capture smooth dolly, jib and point of interest pans with one tool. I decided after a year of using a self-built hexacopter, that upgrading would make filming a lot easier. Biggest upgrade from a production point of view, is that everything for this drone fits into one simple case, before I had 2-3 bags and boxes, second is that the live video feed is HD (wow), thirdly retractable landing gear, so you now have a full 360⁰ unobstructed view.

The DJI Inspire One fills all my requirements and more.

Author: Frank

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