Taking Home Movies, to a whole new level…

I can always remember as a small child, my fathers great enthusiasm for taking photographs of me and my 2 brothers, while vacationing somewhere in the UK, like “The Lake District”. Then a month later after getting back, once the film had been developed by “Boots the Chemist” and posted back to him, he would put on a “Slide Show” for us, with the old projector warming up and the lights turned off, it was like being at the movies for a small child, in those days slide negative’s were the best thing for recording memories, and the format allowed you to project a pretty big image, one could say almost the same size as a 60″ widescreen TV.

Well I think without a doubt, we can certainly say that things have come a long way, digital cameras make it so easy for everyone to create a great album of their favorite holiday moments, with some people even going so far as to shoot video. But just how far can/will you go to preserve those special moments, creating something that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

Every holiday that my wife Lisa and I have been on, I’ve always manage to capture it on film, and after returning home spent some time editing it all together, adding titles and music. Each “Home Movie” over the years, seems to get more and more technical, requiring more and more time, its something I like doing and sharing with family and friends.

Now having a young daughter – Autumn E. Carr, I find myself in that same mental state I’m sure my father was in, when he recorded his families’ memories.

This video was shot over a weeks vacation in Muskoka – Cottage Country, I even found myself editing in the evenings while still on vacation, My daughter of course stars in this movie, and will no doubt hate it when I show her friends in years to come.

Hope this might encourage you to step up your game, in your next “Home Movie”..

Author: Frank

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